Racism : Black Masculinities : Book Review

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JaDechia Hill
Black Masculinities
Book Review #1

Racism has reared its ugly face for many decades, destroying families and interrupting lives. Most people do not consciously wake up and “do” race every day. In fact, many participants are unaware of the racial constraints and barriers that are placed on other groups based on the amount of melanin in the skin. Regarding racism in America, many are under the impression that racism is a thing of the past and that as a country, we have removed the element of racism from our culture. Many make statements like, “how can that be racist, if we have a black president”, or that person is just “pulling the race card, they aren’t a real victim” to combat accusations of racism. In events of apparent racism, other outlets, such as the media, also discredit cries of racism by blaming the victim. Racial barriers and constraints have not been dismantled, instead racial caste in America has received a face lift and taken on a new persona. The War on Drugs began in a black community and not by chance. The U.S. criminal justice system uses the War on Drugs as an aspect of racial control for black men and communities.
Alexander argues “that racial caste in America has not ended, it has only been redesigned.” She begins her argument with reference to slavery and Jim Crow, discussing the methods and ways that blacks were repressed and controlled. Jim Crow was a time where anti-Black laws ran rapidly across the south. Through Jim Crow, African…
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