Racism, By Cheryl Harris And Devon Carbado

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In everyday life, everyone experiences racism. Whether it is a humorous racial stereotype joke or to something offensive like asking how Asians can see or asking an Asian person if he or she is Chinese. What we need to remember is that no one is born racist. Racism is either taught or learned. The definition of the term race that was created socially which signifies and symbolizes social conflicts and interests by referring to different types of human bodies. The definition of race is how we use it. For example the label “white” instead of using Caucasian. Racism still exists today because is how we distinguish people by their pigment of the skin.
One way racism is shown is by media. In the article “Loot or Find: Fact or Frame?” by Cheryl
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The photos of their contents of would differentiate the meaning of both persons in both photos. Harris and Carbado stated that “People complained that the captions accompanying the images were racially suggestive: black people “loot” and white people “find”.”
At some point a person has had an personal experience with racism whether they witness it or face it head on. People should be aware that racism exists and affects everyone regardless of race and or ethnicity. Any of kind of racism is deplorable in its own way. My recent experience with racism was a few years back.I was in the mall with my friends and we were walking around and just hanging around and I accidentally bump into a middle aged lady. I looked back to face her to apologize and she got mad at me. She said offensive remarks to me.One of those offensive remarks she said is that I couldn 't see where I was going because my eyes are too small and she also said do I bump into things when I drive too because I can 't see. After she was done insulting me my friends defended me because they knew I didn 't mean to bump into her. I apologized and walked away hastily so I wouldn 't show my friends that I was about to cry. After that my friends comforted me and we forgot about the incident like it never happened. It is an personal experience I will never forget. I was speechless when she told all those offensive insults to me. I really couldn 't do anything I was trying to apologize but she couldn 't let me speak
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