Racism, By Stephen Brookfield

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Racism is being unknowingly taught to the younger generation. Individuals are not born being racist they naturally adhere to what they perceive to be right. Discrimination can be cultivated based on a person’s surroundings. Children’s minds are poisoned with hatred towards someone that is of the opposite race. Children are blind to racism, they are blank canvases when they first start out in the world. It is not only until someone or something introduces the idea that the color of skin makes him or her different. It is shocking to see young children displaying racist characteristic and thinking that it is perfectly fine. A child’s surroundings can unintentionally teach them to be racist. Parents can push they’re own racist belief unto their children which could lead a child to being a racist themselves. Children are very impressionable so when they see their family members making racial remarks and discriminating others it is likely for the child to pick up those same traits. Stephen Brookfield, writer of Teaching Our Own Racism, states “I grew up in a world in which Whiteness, and all things White, was taken as the natural order of things. I have six decades of ideological conditioning into White Supremacy and, as a result, I do not expect it ever to leave me. Attitudes and belief I picked up in my childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood included Blacks were alternatively lazy, happy, or violent… These stereotypes were earned through jokes with peers and family

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