Racism Destroys A Family, Desiree 's Baby

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Racism Destroys a Family "Désirée 's Baby"
How can racism and arrogance destroy a whole family? In the short story "Désirée 's Baby" written by Kate Chopin reflects on how racism played a huge role before the American Civil War. Désirée was abandoned by her family when she was young and was adopted by, Madame Valmonde, a rich white family. One day Armand Aubigny was passing when he saw Désirée next to a stone pillar, where he falls in love with her instantly . They get married and have a baby boy. After three months later, her husband discoveries that the baby is not white and assumes that Désirée is from a black family. Armand didn 't want to bring shame to his family lineage and decides to kick Desiree and her baby out. One day while he was trying to burn Desiree things, to destroy memories and evidence, he discoveries a letter that was from his mom to his dad stating that his real mom is a black woman. Chopin 's short story "Désirée 's Baby" shows how judging people, being arrogant and selfish, and the consequences of racism could ultimately lead to the destruction of Désirée 's family.
To begin with, Armand is a selfish person who has pride in himself and only wants to protect his family lineage. Since he feels that he is from a well known family and has a high social states, by owning slaves, that he was superior , dominate, and was obligated to protect his family lineage and keep it going. The Aubigny was quite famous family as they were " one of the oldest and

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