Racism During The Civil War

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Racism is an issue that has plagued in country from the day it was declared the United States of America. Whether it comes in the form of slavery, forced segregation or political racism, it is still here. Racism can be seen throughout our history from slaves picking cotton in the south to Jim Crows laws preventing slaves from having equal rights to current days where we have things such as affirmative action and movements such as Black Lives Matter. In the beginning of our country, we began our racism with slavery. Slavery in our history was the ownership, torture, and forced labor of African-Americans. After a few decades, the North and the South split, the north wanting more equal right and the south wanting to keep slavery. This caused the south to attempt to secede which eventually led to the Civil War. The north emerged as the victors of the civil war and as such, abolished slavery. In response to this, the south created the Jim crow laws which were a set of laws that forced segregation between whites and blacks. Laws such as these created so much internal strife that they eventually lead to the Civil Rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr. The Civil Rights Movement was created to give equal rights to black people. So that black people would be able to vote, become elected officials, have better chances at education and so on. African Americans had grown tired of living in an unjust world and as such began to march across Washington to hear Martin Luther King
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