Racism During The Holocaust By Elie Wiesel

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Racism in Extreme Ways In 1944-1945, Elie Wiesel was one of the few survivors to witness the lives during the Holocaust. He was only 15 years old to experience many brutal and harsh treatment between the Jews and the non-Jews. Growing up, Wiesel had faced many prejudice in the concentration camp as a prisoner by the Gestapos and other non-Jew workers. In 1960, Wiesel wanted to share his past experiences from the Holocaust by writing his memoir. In his memoir, Night, Elie Wiesel discusses the theme of Racism. Through his use of atmosphere, tone, and foreshadowing, Wiesel is saying to reader that when one group deems themselves superior to another, they take the humanity away from the lesser groups. One of the…show more content…
Although, at the same time German SS guards still treat the workers poorly having physically and mentally worked to death. It is to show how the Germans atrociously plan their ideas to exterminate the Jews simply because they are viewed as animals. By using light and dark atmospheres, Wiesel could successfully let the reader understand his overall message. Next, Wiesel creates subdue tones to emphasize how the Germans treat the Jews like wild animals and not civilized people. Throughout his memoir, Elie had used several sadden tones to describe everybody’s vulnerable part of being who they are based on their race. The Jews were very vulnerable because they are the main target for Germans to strip out of society. “As they pass through German towns, some of the locals throw bread into the car in order to enjoy watching the Jews kill each other for the food,” (Wiesel 73). This showed non-Jewish locals enjoyed watching Jewish prisoners acting like animals fighting to death for food. This creates an appalling tone to reason why prisoners are acting like feral animals because they fear death and are trying to survive but the Germans will not feed them as they are viewed not superior. In another event, Elie’s father had a colic disease and he politely asked the SS guard where the lavatories are and the SS guard did not reply to his question instead he smacked Elie’s father so hard that he fell to the ground. “As if wanted to convince himself that this man
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