Racism During The Middle East

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Ever since Columbus landed his men onto the new world, racism has affected this nation severely. Different groups of people have been subjected to racism; first, the Native Americans were driven away from their homes. After that, Africans were forced into slavery and still face racism today. While not to the same degree, one cannot deny that the racism against African Americans and other minorities is still prevalent today. There are three groups specifically who are facing an extreme amount of racism today. African Americans are looked down upon as inferior by some whites and are treated unequally. Mexicans are also suffering through racism and face the possibility of being forced back to Mexico if Donald Trump is elected as president.…show more content…
This results in young black children, who can be easily influenced, to grow up in a hostile environment. Then comes the problem of education. Most African American children are forced to attend their local public schools, again due to their parents’ low income. Attending public school is not necessarily a bad thing. It is the combination of poverty issues that blacks deal with every day and the lower quality of education that creates a perfect storm for most blacks to fail. Statistics show that “42 percent of Black children are educated in all high-poverty schools (both elementary and secondary), and 6 percent of White children are educated in high-poverty schools” (Morris). Growing up in these conditions is almost a guarantee that African Americans will get involved in mischief and crime; a sane human can only handle so much. “According to the Sentencing Project, even though African American juvenile youth are about 16 percent of the youth population, 37 percent of their cases are moved to criminal court and 58 percent of African American youth are sent to adult prisons” (Kerby). This goes to show the controversy that blacks have to go through while receiving an education. Even when African Americans make it through school, push through the struggle, and manage to graduate with good academics, the racism they face does not stop there. The inequality
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