Racism Essay On Racism

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A black man is on the road, driving, and made sure everything was fine. He started driving a little over the speed limit, and starts to hear police sirens. He checks everything again, but before he looked at the speedometer, he gets pulled over and a cop comes out with a gun in his hand ready to shoot. The man gets away with just a ticket, but the cop acted very rude. As the driver got to the next red light, he saw a white man, pulled over by the same cop, but the cop was acting really friendly, and his gun was nowhere in sight. Outrageous!! I have heard of soooo many racist things happening in the news, like remarks, or police encounters. It has come to my attention that racism still exists in America, and lots of the racist acts, are from cops, and others with high authority. There was a video circulating on the world wide web, or Internet, of a black man who got pulled over for slightly speeding, by a cop with their gun out, which is what the story above is based on. I wanted to know more about this. I wanted to know how to stop it, and of course, to do that, you have to learn more about it. So I started doing some research, and I found out that it was more extreme than I thought. There are shootings, racist comments, and parades of protesters. As I said before, a lot of it comes from cops, which is like WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!! Cops are supposed to be good people, that enforce the law, not people who murder others because of skin color. Back to the point. The protesters

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