Racism In African Americans

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Racism has been around since the beginning of time, whether it was between the Egyptians and Israelites, the Spaniards and the Native Americans, or the people of the United States and Africans. The latter group of people were enslaved by the former, and while that does not exist anymore, racism still exists. Slavery has been abolished since 1865 in the United States, but there are still people in our country that do not believe that minorities are equal. For that reason, their lives are still different than the lives of the people in the majority race. Whether they are African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, etc., their lives are usually much different than those of European descent. Growing up with an African American father and mother …show more content…

From hearing experiences from my father, I know that at times he has not felt comfortable living in the country. He has experienced strange looks from people as he was minding his own business while walking down the street. People have gone as far as crossing the street to avoid walking by him. He makes sure that he is extremely careful when he is in a store so people will not think that he is stealing. My dad is one of the nicest people that I know, and he would never harm anyone. It upsets me to think that people judge him without knowing him first. My father is not the only one that is extremely cautious when he is out in public. However, there are some minorities that do not take these precautions and they can end up in trouble. A major issue in the lives of minorities where they may not show respect is when they are pulled over by police officers, While the majority of the police are respectful and do their jobs well, there are some that may discriminate when they pull people over. In most circumstances, an officer reacts because the person they have pulled over is being a disrespectful towards them. Some minorities have to deal with being targeted by the police and it is not …show more content…

There seem to be many scholarships for minorities just because of their race. The majority races do not have as many scholarship opportunities in that category. Since I am mixed, I can apply to get scholarships for being African-American, and my friends sometimes make fun of me for it. They tell me that I am “not even black”, which can be annoying to hear. I understand that I have not had to go through as many struggles as most minorities, but some actually need those scholarships in order to get a better education. Now, there are those from the majority race that need scholarships because of their lower socioeconomic status, but overall minorities tend to have more financial issues than the other

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