Racism In Disney Movies Essay

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Disney Films and the Racism they Bring.
Imagine future world leaders having racist principles because of what they were taught at a young age. This causing the creation of a society founded on racist ideals. All of this because of the prejudice philosophies displayed in Disney films. Several films created from Disney and Disney Pixar display prime examples of racism. This will influence our youth and they will grow up with these same philosophies. Therefore, because of the effect it would have on our future society, Disney should stop with the racial profiling displayed in their films. Influencing our youth and future world leaders, Disney can create a racist society. Disney’s films have the capability to create a racist culture in the near
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Kids are growing up with racial prejudices created from Disney movies. For example, Disney princess are commonly thought of as white because of several films that came out early in young kids lives. Causing them to grow up with the idea that all princesses and upper class citizens are white. However, when these princesses are not white, they are hypersexualized. For instance, the Arabian princess, Jasmine, from the film Aladdin uses a seductive motion to gain her way. So not only are these movies teaching racism, they are teaching young girls to take advantage of their body to acquire what they want. The opposition may claim that few movies display this racism. However that is too abundant already. The children who watch those films will have racist fundamentals implemented into their brains. The Society For Research In Children Development wrote an article explaining how racism affects children. After researching and interviewing kids, they came to the conclusion that,”When children become aware of these types of bias about their own racial or ethnic group, it can affect how they respond to everyday situations, ranging from interacting with others to taking tests.”(Society For Research In Children Development 1). This explains how racism can affect kids when they are growing and developing through life. Disney should create films that do not produce racist fundamentals to
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