Racism In Huck Finn

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Even though everyone is human, many see those who are different as inferior which results in discrimination. This racial discrimination limits civil rights and resulted in a difficult life for many African Americans as they were mistreated. For example, within The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the author, Mark Twain, writes about how Jim was separated from his wife and kids by the slaveowners. He was also blamed for the supposed murder of Huck just because he was black, even though there were obvious signs that it was indeed Huck’s father. As Jim runs away, Huck finds him along the way and considers to turn him in. However when they befriended each other, Huck realized that he was human too. Although the conditions of racism have improved from what they were before, racism is still an ongoing problem which affects the lives of all the people within our society, therefore we should seek to improve the racist attitudes that are present in an effort to improve the makeup our society.
One effect of racism would be that it causes discrimination in schooling and often results in African Americans not being able to receive equal education opportunities. For example, in Janie Boschma’s article, “Separate and Still Unequal,” Boschma discusses the fact that students of color are more likely to attend schools shaped by high concentrations of poverty. These schools then affect the quality of their education because such schools are often poorer and do not provide a suitable

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