Racism In John Updike's Rabbit Run And Rabbit Redwell

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John Updike has written many novels. One of his most famous series is called Rabbit Omnibus. John Updike is known for his famous character in the Rabbit Omnibus books called Harry. John Updike’s books called “Rabbit Run” and “Rabbit Redux” shows us racism, theme, and character change.
First, in “Rabbit Run” and “Rabbit Redux” we see racism. In “Rabbit Redux”, it says, “Now here’s how. You is a Big Black man sittin’ right there. You is chained to the chained to that chair. And I is white as snow” (296). This quote in the story shows how they like to play games involving slavery. Racism is a big issue in both books. Readers can see this throughout the books with the different characters. The quote is one character talking to the other. Another quote showing racism in “Rabbit Redux” is “I don’t follow this racist rap, you can’t turn on television now without black face spitting at you” (47). In the book several times we see Rabbit saying there are too many blacks. The racism is not as bad in “Rabbit Redux” as in “Rabbit Run”. Between the two books, readers can see different sides of John Updike’s writing styles. In one book, he uses harsher words and more racist words than the other book. Both of these books include elements of racism.
Second, in “Rabbit Run” and “Rabbit Redux” we see that the themes are kind of the same. The theme in both novels involves them struggling with something in their life. In “Rabbit Redux” the theme is Freedom. Rabbit wants freedom from his

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