Racism In Movies Essay

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Is racism shown through TV by actors playing stereotypical roles? While clear that races tend to get stuck in the same stereotypical roles, that does not overshadow all the diverse roles that actors play. Racism is not shown through television by actors playing stereotypical roles. Some races simply portray a character type better than others or the general public already has a generalization about what race a character type is.
Actor/Actress’s also accept the same type of roles as that they’re both are comfortable with and excel at. Take shows like The Haves and The Have Not’s (perry 2013) and Empire (Daniels and Danny 2016) for example. In The Haves and The Have Not’s; the “Haves” are portrayed as a white family with very high standing power and extremely well off. While the “Have Not’s” are portrayed as a middle class/ impoverished black family. In the show one of the characters decides she is tired of that life and does many
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For example, we have an actor like Liam Neeson; he always plays these badass characters that are always some type of ex spy or cop. He is offered many diverse roles to do however, he always plays that type of character because that is probably what he feels the most comfortable playing. Same goes for an actor like Morgan Freeman. He also always plays the same stereotypical insightful and wise character. Not because he gets stereotyped into it but rather it’s because it’s what he enjoys doing. Everyone, especially artists have their niches and things that they excel at, actors are no exception. Color does not have more of an influence on whether an actor gets a stereotypical role but rather what type of role they are comfortable with playing. If they happen to always be the same thing then one can’t just force them to do something they don’t want to do and the character wouldn’t come off as believable if they were forced into it
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