Racism In Native Son

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There is a white construction called “the black”. This construction is told that if he or she really is human, then he or she could go beyond the boundaries of race. The black can supposedly “really choose” to live otherwise a form of social being that is not black and is not any racial form or designation (Lewis R. Gordon.,2016).
Richard Wright’s novel Native Son was published in 1940. Native Son is the first black novel and a cornerstone to the African American literature. It marked a real birth for the African American culture and prepared the ground for black intellectuals to follow the path of success. It also enables to drop “the mask that grins and lies [and] allowed the white audience to look behind the minstrel apparel” (Tuhknen 01). When Native Son appeared to the literary scene, the American culture changed forever and life of Negros was critically brought to debate. In fact, it tells of several societal constraints.
Wright was one of the prominent African American novelists and his novel Native Son is represented for both Black and White audiences. Indeed, the problem of Blacks in Native Son is at first the conflict between different skins. His own experience in the society included violence, conflicts, racist oppressions and escape from the
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The different minorities in United State faced the problem of racism, Identity and Identity crisis. Richard Wright is more than any other writer of his period who helps in inserting the conscious of Blacks and Whites in his Native Son. Racism is a problem that tackled many fields as such, the social field, political field, and the economic field. It faced many problems but no one could stop this racism. Even if he could, he will change it only on its surface. This means that one cannot change the inside feeling of a person (Ana María
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