Racism In Neighbors

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Here are the worst neighbors you’d never want to have! 6 - Noose hanging A suburban Detroit business owner and his wife who hung Confederate flags and nooses on their property back in 2015 want you to know that anyone who sees their actions as racist is quote “stupid.” Hmmmm…….confederate flag, not racist, okay, I can buy that one. A single noose just by itself, not racist? Okay, you’re really gonna have to have a good story here. But confederate flag and a noose TOGETHER?! This story better be a once in a lifetime story! Neighbors must loooove these two! Robert Tomanovich, owner of Robert’s Discount Tree Service in Livonia, Michigan, told reporters from the Daily News that he quote, “wasn’t racist”. He said, quote, “I know black guys, I have black friends. We’re all laughing at this stupidity. Do you know how many white guys were hung back in the day? This isn’t racist. But all of a sudden it’s out of control.” I meannnn dude. I’m not saying you’re racist, but you sure as h*ll do act…show more content…
Reporters said that in a phone interview, he initially had said he put up the flags because he was from “the South,” but then said he was from the Detroit area, then said again he came from the South and hung up the phone when asked to specify where. Tomanovich also said he has at least one black employee. After much backlash, Tomanovich finally took down the nooses and flags, but offered no apologies to anyone offended. This I agree with, because he’s allowed to do what he wants. But clearly, he couldn’t handle the backlash so I still say this dude is a complete idiot. The funniest part to me is the fact that he still wants people to know that he wasn’t racist. It’d probably help a lot if he quit hanging up confederate flags and nooses outside his house and business, you know, the same thing that racists actually do? Sigh. People like this really do
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