Racism In Racism

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Racism may very well be the biggest crime in the criminal legal system. This goes beyond Canada. Globally, racism has imprisoned minds and physical beings, alike. Let us look at how this issue hits home and how the threat of being imprisoned continues to grow; we may be the next victim. Where does racism in the justice system begin, well through colonization, Indigenous People’s, now considered a minority, were stripped of their liberty and rights by European settlers tactically implementing Eurocentric ways. Land was considered wasted as settlers enslaved Aboriginals and displaced many for personal gain. Residential schools was a form of prison as Aboriginal kids were kidnapped from their homes ultimately forced to unlearn their culture and inherit Eurocentric ways. Policies were set in motion and are actively in place today, such as the Indian Act. Through the Indian Act, Indigenous Peoples continue to be oppressed by inequality surrounding their land, marriages, and legal rights, to name a few. Indigenous Peoples continue to be imprisoned through legislation creating an unequal playing field. Do you consider yourself Canadian? What is it to be Canadian? Sadly, if you are not white you are not Canadian, at least this seems to be the notion. Furthermore, whiteness is constructed through language. Those few sitting in high power feel threatened their resources will disappear also known as the myth of scarcity. But, who cares and let us continue to run this nation at the

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