Racism In Schools

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Racism is a controversy in today’s world and many people are suffering from this. Gifford, author of the book Racism says “Racism has been to human relationship what cancers been to human existence. It is a disease that eats away humanity itself.”(Gifford, p, 6). However there seems to be racism toward specific races example. Black people have faced a lot of racism in the past, but it is improving day by day, such as you will notice lots of black leader like Barack Obama (currently US President). On the other side Asians are still left behind. Talking about Asians many people tend to its only Chinese or Japanese; I mean all the ethnicity in Asia. I am mainly focusing on South Asians but I am going to touch upon most Asia. Through our history…show more content…
There are students sitting in each bench with their own race people and some students heisted to hang out with other race of students because they think it is not normal. Likewise white students are less likely to hang out with a brown student, and this resulted in reluctant towards other race. But I am not blaming the students as they did not born with this type of race hatred, they learned by observing the community, social life, media and etc. However stereotypes affect the most. There was a research shown how White People Lack Empathy for Asians, one of the evidence found in the article is “For most White Americans, brown people dying just meant flickers on the television screen about something happening far away.” (White People Lack Empathy for Asians). This means how crucial humanity is and I personally agree with this argument. In Asia thousands of people dying from disaster, terrorist attack, war and major accidents which is not a big deal for other people outside of Asia. Also most people shows pity for Asians but not empathy which is actually needed. Through our daily life we hear judgments and comments about Asians which comes from all the stereotypes our society considers being truth. Another evidence from that research is “For many white people, East Asians are like emotionless robots that are efficient at machine-like things like number…show more content…
Blacks once got treated crucial but they gained their respect in the western world. Recently we are going through carding and polices are targeting dark skinned people, but it got banned and so it is fair. Also black history month just past and most people celebrated but does most people care about Asian history, I do not think so otherwise we would have an Asian’s history month. Kyle Murao expresses her opinion in an article named Why Does Racism Against Asians Go Ignored and Unpunished in the United States? , he said “Everyone talks about the enslavement of blacks. It is pounded into every student every day from the 1st grade until the end of any historical studies at any American university. Nobody talks about the enslavement of the Japanese” (Murao). In my judgement I absolutely agree with this point. People thinks it’s a joke and Asians do not have any feelings. Example during the recent Oscar Cris Rock the comedian made a joke about Asians, which was published in an article Chris Rock Missed the Mark with Oscars Joke About Asians, ““Pricewaterhouse Cooper accountants” calling them “most dedicated, accurate, and hard-working.” They turned out to be cute little Asian kids in suits. He introduced them as “Ming Zhu, Bao Ling, and David Moskowitz.”” (Paradkaar). Cris Rock is a black person, and that explains that not only Asians are opposed by white also
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