Racism In The Angry Eye: Brown Eye-Blue Eye Experiment

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The Angry Eye: Brown Eye-Blue Eye Experiment Racism is being explored in the short video. Racial inequality has been introduced by Ms Jane Elliott through prejudice and discrimination that held against people who have different skin colour beside white in this society. Racial categorization is the process of categorizing people into different groups according to phenotypic physical features of the face and body such as skin colour, eyes colour or lip fullness (Keith, 2006). One frequently hears words ending in “ism” – such as racism, sexism, ageism and so forth are used to describe specific targets of prejudice and discrimination (Bernard & Mary, 2010). In the video, racial stereotype, prejudice and discrimination is being exercised. Students were divided into two groups which are represented by their eye colour where blue-eyed representing white people and brown-eyed representing non-white people. Brown-eyed students were designated the “superior” group and the blue-eyed students were designated the “inferior” group. The brown-eyed students were encouraged to discriminate against the blue-eyed students by convincing that they were smarter, cleaner, better, and more civilized. Some changes have occurred in term of ABC Model of Attitude under social cognition throughout the exercise. According to McLeod (2009), affective component refers to the emotional…show more content…
Augoustinos and Walker (1995) stated that social identity theory is based on the concept of social identity, the part of a person’s self-concept that derives from membership in-groups that are important to the person. Such groups can include one’s family, college, nation, and so forth. This theory can be applied when the brown-eyed students were established as the in-group instead of their usual out-group. As indicated in their attitude components, self-esteem of the brown-eyed students increased when the blue-eyed students were treated in a bad

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