Essay on Racism In The NFL

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Today in America the word Racism is taken to a whole new level. Even in sports, such as the NFL racism prospers. For instance the Washington Redskins of the National Football League. Native Americans are trying to say the NFL is being rude for naming a Team Redskins. The Redskins have had that name since 1933 (Staff). The team had the name of Braves before they adopted the name Redskins. It was changed due to racism purposes. Some people would agree that the whole situation with Redskins is ridiculous because The Major League Baseball series has two teams related to Native Americans, The Atlanta Braves and The Cleveland Indians. The NFL also has more than just Redskins. They have the Kansas City Chiefs. So if they are really worried about…show more content…
“How much money can I get? Does it even matter if anyone but me has money?” Americans as a whole are selfish. Some aren’t but as a whole yes. As Americans people need to slow down on saying something is racist because who knows it may actually not be racist. Most people thinks when someone is being racist its just toward African Americans when really, they aren’t the only ones being discriminated against. Its any race with the exception of white people. White people are often referred to as the dominate race. Often Times people find themselves thinking all the discrimination is directed toward the African Americans. However, they aren’t the only ones being discriminated for being a different color.
Native Americans are also being discriminated also. There are many ways to discriminate people. Name calling is one, another is drawing, and another is acting. Those two, drawing and acting are not usually the offense. Its usually in the form of name calling. (Whitlock) There’s a lot of terms you can use to be racist. A lot of sick people have came up with names to call different races. Names so bad that they can not be used in this paper. Racism is very wrong. People are all equal no matter what color they are. No one should be laughed at or tortured or even made fun of for being a different color. God made everyone the same. The only differences are color, actions, looks, and personality. Everyone is a beautiful creation

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