Racism In Today's Society

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I personally cannot speak on a single event where I feel like I have been treated unfairly, but I would like to speak on how people of my race are mistreated every day in today's society. Racism, prejudgment, narrow-mindedness, bigotry or intolerance. No matter how you put it into words, it is wrong. I feel as if all African-Americans are too often judged based off of how a few choose to misbehave. Racism has existed since the beginning of time, yet people act oblivious to the fact that it still is happening today. What puzzles me is why? We all cry the same tears, pump the same blood, and breathe the same oxygen. We are all human beings and should treat each other as such. Strong figures such as, Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X died…show more content…
Just because one African American causes harm does not mean that we all cause harm. Frequently on the news, we hear stories about how African American males and women are being shot and killed for either no valid reason or a minor reason. It happens so often that I'm honestly almost too frightened to step foot outside of my house. For instance, in the year of 2012, a young African American male named Trayvon Martin was murdered by George Zimmerman. Trayvon was innocently walking down the street when George Zimmerman shot him and claimed the reason why is because he looked “suspicious”. In reality, George Zimmerman had no motive for killing Trayvon at all and clearly had enough evidence against him to prove this, yet he somehow was found not guilty. Numerous amounts of similar situations to this case have occurred and more people are beginning to speak up about it instead of just letting it happen, which is good. However, it appears that no matter how many laws were changed, no matter how many protests occur, no matter how many people speak their mind, racism sadly will always
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