Racism Is A Hurtful Form Of Discrimination

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“Go back to where you came from, nobody wants you here.” “You’re adopted aren’t you? Figures, nobody would want you.” Others often endure hurtful statements everyday because they seem different of something they inherited, something they can’t control, with the justification of “It’s only a joke.” Racism is a hurtful form of discrimination that has been with us for hundreds of years and will never cease to exist; however we can reduce the amount of racism through exposure to different cultures and customs. Racism is said to exist when one ethnic group dominates or excludes another. Discrimination of race has been prevalent throughout every culture and has been documented since the thirteenth and fourteenth century, when Europeans began to come into contact with people with different shades of skin.1 Racism is universal. It isn’t confined to one race or culture; it spreads with ignorance and intolerance of others. More recent cases of racism include the persecution of Native Americans when groups of Europeans traveled to America. Many of the settlers called the Native Americans “savages” for their different customs and ways of life. In the time period roughly through 1880 and 1914, European powers claimed areas of Africa causing European colonization in different areas. This ultimately lead to the “Apartheid” in South Africa from around 1913 to 1990.1 The Apartheid was a legal act that effectively segregated blacks and whites, to decrease political influence of blacks.
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