Racism Is Defined As Discrimination Against Someone Of A Different Race

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Racism is defined as discrimination against someone of a different race based on the beliefs that one’s own race is superior (Oxford Dictionary). Racism has existed since the beginning of time, coming to light during slavery in the sixteenth century and the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960’s. However, racism is still prevalent in today’s society and is a topic that needs to be further addressed and discussed. According to the article, “Slavery in America” on the website History, slavery began in 1619 when the first African slaves were brought to the colony of Jamestown in Virginia. Slavery then soon spread all over the United States, especially to the Southern states. In a period of four centuries, ten million slaves were taken from their villages and brought to the New World. Most slaves lived in small farms or plantations and worked in horrible conditions. They were prohibited from learning how to read, were starved, brutally punished, and many were victims of sexual assault and early death. The white person’s approach to slavery led to the racist attitude that African Americans are inferior based on the color of their skin. Instead of being treated like human beings, slaves were considered possessions that could be traded and worked to death. In chapter six, “God Who Breaks Chains,” in the book Quest for the Living God, the author, Elizabeth Johnson addresses how slaves used Christianity as a way to struggle for freedom. Slave master’s taught Christianity as a
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