Racism Is Funny, By Co Creator Of South Park, And The Simpsons Essay

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Religion is Funny.” This line once said by co-creator of South Park Matt Stone has caused so much controversy over the years about how we treat other cultures and religions that it has emerged to become a number one topic. Even though religion has been around for many year’s people still take their beliefs very seriously. Media has even start making fun of religions by making jokes about the systems of beliefs of a religion and the people that follow those religions based on the negative stereotypes. Examples that are seen on shows are like Family Guy, South Park, and The Simpsons. South Park continuously makes fun of religions and the followers of these certain religions. The major religions that are prime targets on the shows are Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Scientology. Even though it is successful for the show, the creators of the show often face criticism from the people that support these religions through threating to kill them for portraying them on the show or by sending death letters. In this paper I’ll explain the show South Park and how its relates to the social issue that relates to religion.
In the summer of 1997, the network, Comedy Central, aired the popular animated series, South Park. The creators thought the show was not going to be a success with the American people because of their crude humor that could offend women, religions, and current events in the world, but it turned out that it became extremely popular with many people. The demographics of
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