Racism Is Still A Heavy Issue Of The High College Experience Across The United States

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Activist Jeff Chang emphasizes “Students can only build power insofar as they band together- and then they can still be ignored (as they have been for years). Administrative neglect of racism defines power”. The quote explains how that when students are at war, there is no reliable source of help to assist them to conquer. Throughout America racism is still a heavy issue that is becoming a part of the average college experience across the United States. In recent events, similar to ones that happened in the Civil Rights Era, students of color fear their lives and are concerned for their safety, while trying to do what they are able, to make their campuses “equality friendly”. Situations where there were public displays of racism and…show more content…
The racism affecting colleges became a bone of contention in the school system during the Racial Integration in the United States. During this time period black Americans may have received most of the attention when it came to their equal rights, but it was not limited to them alone but also included Asians, American Indians, Latinos and other minority groups. With the racial integration, came along the integration of schools, allowing minority races to attend the same educational facility as European racial groups and whites. The problem is though with this change in history, even today students continuously feel uneasy about their school settings because of racial tension created by acts of discrimination and neglect from superior authorities. From this type of neglect is where Racism related stress is introduced. Students of color are most likely to face racism related stress at Predominately White Institutes than anywhere else Racism related stress is exactly as the name states, stress caused by experiencing racism.
Racialism in colleges is mostly reported to happen on Predominately White Institutes campuses. In "Racial Tensions High On College Campus After Students Mock Black History Month." By Tell Me More, a “Compton Cookout” was thrown by a white frat-house in honor of Black History Month and attendees were encouraged to dress and speak in a way that
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