Racism Is Still Very Much Alive

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Khanh Ngo Ms. Puckerine World History 2 Today, racism still remains a prevalent issue that has constantly reared its ugly head. While bringing awareness towards racism has improved, we are still being faced with a gruesome reality that racism is still very much alive. Instead of Jim Crow laws and slavery, racism has transformed itself into microaggressions, police brutality, racial profiling, and mass incarceration of people of color (especially black men). When one talks about racism, most of our opinions are based on what happens in America; from 400 years ago until now, we find ourselves believing that racism in America has improved greatly. And we have improved, compared to the times before and after the Civil War. However, as we progress forward, we move back fifty years. Some of us in society refuse to acknowledge the arising problems that have to do with racism while others become apart of the problem. As a society, we are taught about white culture, eurocentric beauty standards, and brought up with subconscious racist mindsets that will take a lifetime to unlearn, and have for centuries, kept people of color oppressed. We are brought up with subtelities of racism, such as a child seeing their white mom lock the car door in fear when a black person walks past, or seeing their white dad make a disgusted look at a hispanic for no reason at all. It is things like this that are ingrained in our brains; racial stereotypes that we cannot help but think about each race.
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