Racism On African Americans : Racism

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Racism On African Americans
The history of America has been shaped powerfully over the years by racial inequality and race. Most Americans believe that the freedom fighters in establishing of their country were motivated by their thirst for religious liberty, freedom, economic and political independence. However, it was established in terms of oppression, inequality, and domination, leading to the slaves’ denial of freedom. Therefore, this makes it to be the greatest inconsistency in the country’s history. It’s impossible for the country to put into action the idea of freedom and equality into action since we still experience these inconsistencies even today. This brings out the concept of racism in America today. Racism is the people’s perception of people from a particular race or class. Racial prejudice tends to illuminate the people’s attitude towards this particular race of people while racial discrimination is putting these ideas into action that are developed as a result of prejudice (Blee and Burke 2-8).
Racial discrimination as well as prejudice extends far beyond typical Americanized notion of ongoing encounter between white and black individuals. For instance, Nazi Germany shared the nationalistic approach towards racism. Their ideals pertaining Jews resulted in genocide, an inevitable result. Similarly, the United States establishment resulted in a turbulent disruption as well as overturning of Native American Indians. Racism as understood by many in America…
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