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Racism: In a New World In the early 1940’s my father, a Greek National was forced to move to the United States as a World War II political refugee. He served as a lieutenant and was recognized as an officer and part of the gorilla forces in the Greek Navy. Greece eventually was occupied by Germany and it was then that he was smuggled into England by allied forces. A couple years later he moved to the United States and made his way to San Francisco where he met his wife, a Greek Sicilian woman from Modesto. They made their home in San Francisco in a predominantly Anglo-Saxon neighborhood. It was there in the city of diversity that he and my mother first experienced racism. The neighborhood where my mother and father settled was in…show more content…
Author Bobbie Harro explains in his article “ The Cycle of Liberation” when people become aware there are differences in each other because of culture, language or ethnicity they first jump to conclusion that are without merit and secondly they focus on those differences as inequalities instead of equalities(. It was only when my father became more “American” and learned the English language that acceptance into the neighborhood culture began. At the same time my parents socialized us, the 5 sons into a world of American society norms. In another article titled “The Cycle of Socialization” Harro says “Our socialization begins before we are born, with no choice on our part. No one brings us a survey in the womb, inquiring into which gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, cultural group, ability status, or age we might want to be born. (16) It was this awareness that my parents shared with Harro that started the neighborhood healing and integration. In summary racism will only be eliminated when education to counter currently held beliefs is mandatorily put in place in our educational system. Personal Reflection I believe racism will be a battle for many generations to come. While attitudes are constantly changing and things appear to be moving forward to a world of equality there will always be differences that are held to be relationship breakers. Religion plays a role as does ignorance in the perpetuation of racism. When the powers that

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