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Racial discrimination existed in ancient times, but its modern form is from the beginning of the period of primitive accumulation of capital, so far, in the world of racial discrimination still exists in certain areas. Racial has always been a matter of concern in the Europe and the United States. Because the vast majority of black people were deprived of equal treatment rights due to their skin color. Of course includes Indians, indigenous peoples of Oceania, Europe's former colonial immigrants, ethnic minorities and foreign workers in Asia "tribal people" and caste group, are victims of racial discrimination past and present. Racial discrimination insults to human dignity, so it repeatedly condemned by the international media and…show more content…
Furthermore, the military believed black soldiers were unsuited to serve as officers (General Article: Race and the Army During World War II, Racist Era.) The United States Army enlisted African soldiers into separate regiments; the Navy confined “blacks” to service roles as cooks, janitors, and waiters; the Marine Corps, for much of the war, excluded “blacks” altogether. African American servicemen were sent to segregated training camps, often on military bases in the South where black GIs were harassed for defying Jim Crow laws or, simply, for wearing a military uniform. Army base chapels, mess halls, and entertainment centers excluded or segregated black soldiers. African soldiers found discrimination and segregation prevalent in the armed forces. According the article “Race in World War II”,even Nazi prisoners of war enjoyed more rights than African American servicemen. “German prisoners of war held in United State military bases were commonly permitted to dine with white U.S. soldiers in facilities that excluded ‘blacks’ U.S. soldiers.” When Lena Home, an African American songstress, performed in a southern GI camp, German prisoners of war were given front row seats while African servicemen were relegated to the back of the theater (Race in World War II “Jim Crow in the Armed Services.”) Apparently, African Americans were experience some extremely unfair treatment among the armies; the Whites couldn’t evaluate the Africans

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