Racism, Prejudice, And Stereotypes Essay

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Nothing to See Here, Move Along So much of what we do, say and feel is based on context (Kellner). In one group, some things are acceptable while the same actions or words in another group are not. Dropping an F-bomb at the bar with your friends is much different than during a job interview or perhaps in front of your mother. The context for viewing this movie is a class where we look for and acknowledge the stigma of racial stereotypes as presented by the media. People, for the most part, do not go to the movies, thinking about stereotypes or racism. Tim White defines racism as, “denying the right of self-determination and the exercise of full autonomy to others (White, 101)” and I think this movie plays right into that definition. It is easy for those of us in this class to see the racism, bigotry, and stereotypes that are present in this movie. Unfortunately, I do not think the general public, especially a predominately white public will see the film through that same context. There will be those who are cognizant of the way media affects us and our notion of “us” and “them” (Kellner, 7). A few, will be aware of the ease with which we fall into the belief that people who look a certain way will always act as is expected of them. These characters will act in ways that are accepted as genuine and a realistic representation of people of certain ethnicities. Far to many people will not see what the intended message of these characters, in this setting, is. Unfortunately,
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