Racism Present In Disney/Pixar Films. For Many Parents,

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Racism Present in Disney/Pixar Films For many parents, these Disney/Pixar movies are something nice they can show to their children, they grew up on many of them and they wish to share this joy with their kids as well. If one was to walk up and tell them “These movies are fairly racist, you should show them to your children lest they get the wrong idea!” in most cases, they will find them to be just a closet nutcase and ignore that like it never happened. Society and these movies have conditioned the people so much that people cannot even identify the racism present, because when they see it, those cases are not seen in there head as unnatural but the opposite so then it fades into the background and unless asked to focus they probably…show more content…
This movie was mostly made to try to make those who were upset with urban life, more specifically whites who were upset, to leave it behind and join the plantation life (Terry, 471-2). This movie was more for the white audience, making the black slaves who are living on the plantation out to be happy, and that it’s the dream place to be. This was of course not how it really was, it was a much darker situation then, especially for the “happy” blacks. The lead actor himself could not even come to watch his own movie, due to the segregation laws in place during that period. One common type of propaganda done by the media is usually dehumanizing the enemies during war times or just during times of tension between multiple countries. Usually it is newspaper comics or other similar media outlets, but what some people probably did not know if Disney made a few as well. They had made some during conflicts with Germany and Japan. A few examples would be such as “Der Fuehrer’s Face (1943)”, “Commando Duck (1944)”, and Education of Death (1943)” which made the Axis enemies look like brainless fools (Young). The Japanese soldiers depicted in “Commando Duck” had weird glasses, giant buck teeth, and spoke in broken English while saying to each other “Its Japanese custom to shoot enemy in back”.

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