Racism : Racism And Discrimination

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From the beginning of time where slavery began, there is no sure way to know what stemmed the root of racism and discrimination. But who is to say that racism is a term that is only associated with Blacks, African Americans, or those of African descent. Racism according to Merriam Webster dictionary is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. Even though it is a term that may be applied to the lack of respectful treatment against any race outside an individual’s own, it is more seemingly connected to the discrimination against blacks in today’s society. The black man as well as woman was made to feel inferior to his or her white male and female counterparts and they both were treated as such. Because of the oppression of people who have been discriminated against over time, there has been a gradual uprising and revolt against the treatment that they have received. Race and racism evolved out of a system created by the original colonists. They identified strongly with the Anglo-Saxon racial superiority. Race has been used to develop social class and hierarchies of power. According to German taxonomist, Carlos Linnaeus, he declared there were four races in the world and he attempted to rank them according to his beliefs of race superiority; white being the first and top race, yellow being considered the Asians afterwards, black also known as the Africa man
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