Racism : Racism And Discrimination

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Racism is an issue still deeply engrained in virtually every aspect of American life. This country’s history is rooted in slavery and inequality among races. While there has been significant progress to realize a fair and equal America now and in the future, many citizens stubbornly cling to old, outdated and preconceived racial prejudices. For my experiment, I seek to further study and assess ongoing racism and discrimination by discovering and exploring the difference in potentially racist views between men and women (i.e., by gender). For instance, are white males within a certain age range more likely to hold racist attitudes than white women within the same age range? And, if so, what reasons or triggers may be causing such a difference? My anticipation is that women may have fewer racist beliefs than men because of their own historic struggle with equality and their “lower status” in today’s society (less pay for the same work position, sexism). Do white females feel empathy toward those facing racial injustice due to their own unequal standing in society? Or, alternatively, are female racial beliefs worse than (or on par with) the beliefs of white males? The intent of the experiment is to shed light on the impact of gender (within a certain age group) in terms of racial discrimination in United States society and if societal privilege affects racial views. Racial discrimination has been previously studied quite frequently in the field of social psychology. Before
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