Racism : Racism And Police Brutality

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Myrian Rios
Professor Thibodeau
ENC 1101 Composition I 8:00-9:50
10 June 2015
Essay 1

Racism in the Legal System

Racial profiling isn’t something new to today’s society. Most recently there were incidents in which the officers were accused of mistreating blacks such as Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. “Racism versus professionalism: claims and counter-claims about racial profiling” written by Vic Satzewich and William Shaffir discusses racism versus professionalism with officers. Their argument is more biased towards the police force and they argue that it’s part of their job. “
Racism and police brutality in America” by Cassandra Chaney and Ray V. Robertson touch upon racism and brutality in America. Their article talks about respecting the cops but they also mention police brutality through stories from people that experienced this. Although Satzewich and Shaffir reached out to people to cops to write about their personal experiences and thoughts about racial profiling, Chaney and Robertson’s article is a stronger source because they used several sources and focus on both sides of the situation.

In Satzewich and Shaffir’s article, they set in motion that there is evidence from people with minority backgrounds stating that officers are engaging in racial and/or religious profiling. They argue that racial profiling is a method used regularly in their line of work. Because people of minority communities believe that racial profiling exists, it gives the police a

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