Racism : Racism And Racism

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One of the biggest problems in American is racism. So in my paper I will be examining different acts of racism. I am going to start off the examination by giving you a scenario. Picture a black student being paired up for a class project with a white student which was affiliated with a skinhead racist group. Instead of the skinhead cooperating with the black guy to get their work done he refused to work with him and the reason for his refusal was because he did not like black people. Not only did he refuse to cooperate he also slandered the black student with racial slurs. Put yourself in the black students position and try to feel the emotions that he felt upon being harassed in a place where the setting is for when to inquire knowledge. It is pretty obvious that most of us would not take kindly to being mistreated in such a manner and not being accepted over something so simple as a darker shade of skin. Many Americans do not assume that this happens often and that it is a big deal. I say that people are too tolerant of racism, racist acts, and the racist people who commit these things; These Americans that are so tolerant and lenient on this idea should too be called racist or the next closest thing to one. Upon my research that I came to the conclusion that people seem to be too comfortable with racism. I concluded this because of a few examples of when blacks were attacked physically and verbally but nothing seemed to happen to the people that committed the hate

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