Racism, Racism And Racism Essay

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One World, Many Colors. It is foolish that Americans believe that racism doesn’t exist in this country. Within the past eight months there has been six incidents on college campuses involving race. One event included a fraternity student from the University of Mississippi that was held responsible for hanging a noose around a statue of the school’s first black student. This action landed him in prison for six months (Recent Racial Incidents). There are several other occurrences of racism that has happened throughout this “wonderful” country since the supposedly end of racism. The mistreatment and racist acts towards African Americans is found in several incidents throughout The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks novel. Henrietta Lacks and her family were faced with hardships as they lived in the segregated south. The Jim Crow laws enforced the separation of black and white people in a social perspective and social institutions. This included separate schools, separate restrooms, separate drinking fountains, and separate prisons. There were other strict regulations that made marriage of Caucasians and African American or of African American decent illegal. In the novel, Rebecca Skloot tells the tale of the Night Doctors, she references of the infamous Tuskegee syphilis studies, incorporates the poverty the Lacks’s family and other African American families faced, as well as the lack of education blacks were able to receive. Henrietta and her husband, David (Day), began

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