Racism : Racism And Racism

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Race and ethnicity are concepts that are constantly associated with the many hateful crimes and events occurring all around us in our daily lives. The race of an individual is an extremely convoluted subject matter in the social world. Discrimination against specific groups of people remains till this day one of the most severe issues that we stumble on, leaving many of us in shock, and consternation. Racism against a certain ethnic group often arises from embedded false assumptions that is associated with the group and their cultural behaviors. There are various different ways in which racism takes form; racism directed towards individuals with Jewish origins is often referred to as anti-Semitism, while racism that is directed towards Muslims is known as Islamophobia. Racism is embodied in various ways, allowing one group to have full authority, holding more political, social, and economic power. Discrimination and racism has a major effect on the victims, the victim’s family, as well as the community around them. Considering that racism is an immensely broad subject, this paper will focus on discrimination in that aboriginal people encounter everyday. Using Max Weber’s classification of inequality, aboriginals hold an extremely low position in class as well as status, as they acquire low or nearly no social prestige or life chances. Firstly, this paper will explore the reality behind first nations in the working force, as well as its affects on on the individual. Secondly,
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