Racism : Racism And Racism

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Racism in Ralph’s Ellison Battle Royal Racism is known to be among the factors having huge negative impacts on the society at large. Racism brings about thoughts of ignorance, hatred, and evil. From this fact, it is clear that racism is an aspect which should be taken into close consideration and dealt with. Ralph Ellison in his Battle Royal, provides information on racism and how it affects the society. He uses this life experience to make readers view and understand how devastating racism is. Ellison’s story on a young black boy’s life experience is used to show that racism is wrong and should be done eliminated for the purpose of making the society a better place to be. This paper seeks to provide a deeper insight of racism in Ralph’s…show more content…
A negative aspect of life that holds on from generation to generation is not a good sign. The narrator points out that his grandparents were slaves. This statement only means that the administration has not done enough in fighting racism. More has to be done and new approaches should be implemented if positive changes are to take place. It is quite a challenge for people who face racism every day to look forward to the future (McCallo 286). An individual who has to deal with evil and hatred does not feel safe in the society. Not only did his grandparents deal with racism, but also his parents. “Live with your head in the lion 's mouth. I want you to overcome them with yeses, undermine them with grins, agree on them to death and destruction, let them swoller you till they vomit or bust wide open.” These expressions were said to the black boy’s father by the grandfather. With this statement, it is a clear that it was not easy to fight racism. They were discriminated against, and for them to go on with life, they had to fight back with all their strength. It was not an easy task, but it had to be undertaken. The young black boy does not understand why he is praised for behaving in a way his grandfather defines as treachery. He is forced to behave the same but at the same time, is guilty. He feels like his behavior is against the wishes of the white people. He is at this point confused because he would not understand why

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