Racism : Racism Or Racial Profiling

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Historically, racism has existed through out human history from 500- 1000 years. Racism is considered to be directed on the part of the Westerners towards the non westerners, such as the Asians, Africans and others. Racism however, is defined as hatred imposed from one person to another. Racism can also be that one particularly race is more superior than the other, or less human, due to the state of origin, colour of skin, language, ethnicity, gender, religious, and different biological characteristics (ADL archive). The essay will address the impact of racism to individuals and our community, and also further will discuss the nature of racism.
Racism or racial profiling is like a cancer that is growing deep in our society. It is more like it’s been passed on from generation to generation, and nothing absolutely has been done about it. Sometimes I do ask myself this question if racism or racial profiling can ever be completely wiped out from the face of the planet earth? Due to what I have observed from the media and friends around the World, I guess the answer is no. Racism is destructive; it’s disempowered people by devaluing their identity. It destroys society and divides communities, and also, racial discrimination or profiling has a dramatic impact on people’s life. And for the people that have not be racially profiled or discriminated against, they may view this as just a mere inconvenience.
Racial discrimination or profiling can affect people intellectually,
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