Racism, Religion, and Family

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Racism, Religion, and Family People have surprising varying concepts of racism, religion and family. Upon asking five of my Facebook friends their definitions of the three concepts, it is clear that people do not share the exact same definition for both. Essentially, the idea of religion was the one which differed the most. Each individual had a different definition for the concept. One person believed religion was spirituality, while another saw it as an outdated dogmatic tradition that has had more of a negative impact on society than a positive one. Personally, I see religion as a tradition more so than a spiritual path. In this sense, religion helps determine what is acceptable in different societies and helps define the characteristics of individual cultures. The issue of racism was one which was the most interesting. Out of all five individuals, three had very similar ideas of racism: the oppression of a subgroup by the majority group because of racial or ethnic characteristics. The other two people defined racism as prejudice. Each individual, however, saw racism as a negative element of society. I too agree with this concept of racism being a negative blight to society that is being externally imposed on various subgroups by the majority group. The concept of family was the most similar. Here, the individuals believed that family was one's immediate familial group, including parents, siblings, and other relatives. One individual even included her closest friends in
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