Racism, Sexism, And Sexism

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Everywhere I go, I see people wearing a multitude of different clothing, it’s something all humans do, we all have our own way of dressing. I get judged based on the things I wear, just how people are judged based on their race. What people wear can say a lot about them and make others act or think a certain way. Clothes can show the wearer’s thoughts, social status, enjoyments, jobs, and even more. People can often figure these things out just based on their clothes without even thinking about it. However, assumptions and stereotypes of any kind can be highly inaccurate. Clothism is as real as racism and sexism. Judging people based on the clothes they wear is the same as judging people based on their race. One thing that can be gathered about someone based on their clothes is their opinions. Political shirts saying to vote a certain way reflect the wearer’s political views. If someone wears a shirt that says “Vote for Pedro,” they’re probably voting for Pedro themselves and want to sway others to vote the same way. A shirt that has a musician’s name on it shows that the wearer likes their music. A jersey or hat of a sports team shows that they like that sport and team. I’ve worn political shirts for campaigns before. I’ve worn different artists’ shirts. I wear shirts of teams and schools. Wearing these clothing items was to show others my thoughts and opinions of the topics. Similar to how people dress, a person’s race can often times give leway to their opinions.…
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