Racism, Sexism, and Sexuality in M. Butterfly

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The show and the theory are directly related by several points that have already been previously stated. The stereotypes mentioned in M. Butterfly are direct representations of the stereotypes mentioned in the theory. Though M. Butterfly is a major piece that has been directly known for its examples, other shows are known for such examples as well. “The highly profitable reincarnation of different version of the Butterfly story, from David Belasco’s Madame Butterfly to Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg’s Miss Saigon (1989), might well embody a ‘long line of Western misrepresentation of Asians, perpetuating a damaging fantasy of submissive ‘Orientals,’ self-erasing women, and asexual, contemptible men’” (Lee 13). Having more …show more content…
Size is a physical aspect that could be related to the person’s country of origin. Because such features were mentioned in M. Butterfly, this makes more proof of the show’s relation to the theory of Orientalism.
This show and topic could be seen as important to us today because it can help us face some of the current issues going on in today’s society. One example would be the protests regarding homosexuality. Song was told there was no homosexuality in China despite his apparent relationship with another man, otherwise known as Gallimard. The gay and lesbian citizens are becoming to be more open about their sexualities which would be a representation of the opposite of Gallimard’s feelings at the end of the show. He was trying to hide from the fact that he was in love with a man for the entire time, though he thought he was with a woman. Because of his previous feelings he was struggling with the thoughts of possibly being gay and coping with the deceit. This show can show the results of trying to store such strong thoughts away and trying to hide from them. The results of Gallimard’s heartbreak and his bad way of handling his grief, was killing himself. It was most likely more of a representation of the end of Madame Butterfly because of the Japanese suicide method and a shout out to the Orientalist ideas behind the show, but it could be seen to have a different representation that wasn’t
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