Racism : Some Call It A Disease

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Racism Some call it a “disease”, some consider it a way of life, and others want it to be gone. Racism has been around for centuries as a sensitive controversial topic among Americans. Racism comes from way back when before I was born and it shocks me that it 's still a popular subject in this day an age. It has been brought to the countries attention and has gotten better, but hasn’t vanished and still remains. Everyone views racism differently and have different reasons to why racism may be present in their lives. Maybe they were brought up that way and know no different, maybe due to religion, or they simply are just racist for whatever the reason may be. Racism is a broad topic in itself that brings many issues along with it. Does the…show more content…
Therefore labeling an entire race “powerless”, devalues their morals and spiritual agency. If we look at racism based only on political power, God is then put out of perspective. Secular situations have its own view on racism and the Bible has another. Racism in the workplace is still present in America today raising issues. “It has been shown that in the United States the race is taken unto effect about 10 percent of the time someone applies for a job”(Racism in the World 2014). Some may go ahead and say racism in a workplace environment could be beneficial due to the requirements of some jobs that require a certain amount of each minority. Racism in a workplace has been an issue since the beginning of segregation in the 1960s. On the other side of the racism in a workplace some argue it causes a cut out of their pay depending on race, or even being passed up of the job opportunity. This is a problem in America because it leads to less qualified people being hired because of their color. “And there are many different law firms and organizations that are focusing on getting equal with those who do discriminate people for jobs, and also to create a economy and workplace with total equality for everyone”(Racism in the World 2014). Racism is also still causing controversy in the college admittance system today. Some are for it and some are against the idea. Supporters of the idea say it will help evolve colleges to a more diverse environment providing an
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