Racism : Some Call It A Disease

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Racism Some call it a “disease”, some consider it a way of life, and others want it to be gone. Racism has been around for centuries as a sensitive controversial topic among Americans. Racism comes from way back when before I was born and it shocks me that it 's still a popular subject in this day an age. It has been brought to the countries attention and has gotten better, but hasn’t vanished and still remains. Everyone views racism differently and have different reasons to why racism may be present in their lives. Maybe they were brought up that way and know no different, maybe due to religion, or they simply are just racist for whatever the reason may be. Racism is a broad topic in itself that brings many issues along with it. Does the talking of racial discrimination today with out any restriction have an affect in America still, causing major problems to those affected? Is there a resurgence of racism? Now having an African American president, some may say the barriers have been torn down on the racism occurring in the U.S. Some may say political and economic measures aren’t what should be the moral to go off of. Racism all leads back to religion in some circumstances. Gods view on right and wrong can be perceived in many different ways depending on what you want to translate it to be. The Bible is used to justify a racial hardship. If students are taught that racism is a prejudice power that only one has the power to enforce ones prejudice, one cant be said to…

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