Racism Speech Persuasive Speech

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Louella Perez

"Racism is evil- and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs." Finally, President Donald Trump has spoken considering the incident that occurred at Charlottesville. After responding to the attack that killed an anti-racist protester by a white supremacist, he was criticized by many people as he did not say a word about the incident until a few days after. Donald Trump failed to condemn the white supremacists successfully. This is an example of why we must persuade people, make them understand the issue, and we must not wait for things to be improved. Politicians and campaigns have tried to deal with racial discrimination that affects millions of people, but the problems of racism continue. People are extremely stereotypical. This leads to prejudice which then leads to discrimination. It is poisoning our society. People assume personality, race and whether a person is a terrorist or not by the color of their skin. Racism is like a plague where its poison runs through our system, damaging all of us. Therefore, we must do as much as we can to warn people the dangers of this pandemic before this gets any worse People use words like "nigger", "black" to insult anyone that is not white. Let's be honest here. Have you ever discriminated a person by the color of their skin? I have lived in the UK for 9 years and throughout those years I have been differentiated, insulted and hated due to where I came from. Kids at school would avoid to even sit with me. When I was in primary school, if a teacher were to move a boy to sit next to me, he would complain about it. In high school, two kids were passing by and one of them shouted "nigger" I felt insulted although I knew that they were just ignorant kids who knew little about the meaning behind it. Younger people use these insulting words freely thinking that it is OK to do so. Furthermore, they lack knowledge of what is good and bad since parents are not considerate enough towards the problem. They are responsible for such behavior. I must say that the majority of parents that I have seen, they do not discipline their kids enough. Children are educated about bullying in school but why does racism still happen? That’s because teachers
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