Racism : The Black Lives Matter

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African American citizens of the United States of America have been mistreated and left out in many ways in America 's history. This, therefore, has been labeled as racism in today 's society. Racism has been and still is an issue in America, lately being spiked by the Black Lives Matter movement. Black Lives Matter is a proclamation made by the general population of African Americans that were enraged by the killings of African Americans by white police officers.

Racism has been a major issue in the past and still majorly affects today 's society with new forms. Slavery is a form of this racism in the United States that has been solved within the past 200 years. Segregation is another form of racism that has been solved that has a connection with the Black Lives Matter movement. "Segregation was a surreal conspiracy of law, politics, economics, and tradition that trapped black Americans in a lowly corner of society,” McWhorter described in 2004 (13). The Black Lives Matter Movement, therefore, is related to racism because the policemen that killed African Americans drew conclusions about their intentions. According to Nunn, racial profiling is, "the act of targeting a person for criminal investigation primarily because of racial or ethnic characteristics," (2013, 61).

The Black Lives Matter movement is a racism argument against white policemen who killed black citizens without reason. "...#BlackLivesMatter is a call to action and a response to the virulent anti-Black
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