Racism: The Importance Of Living In A Post-Racist Society

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About fifty years ago, America was a racist society that implemented segregation among people of color. Webster defines racism as, “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” Though it is seemingly clear that we live in a post-racist society, racism has evolved with modern America. Today, relationships between African Americans and Caucasians are better than they were in the forties and fifties, it is uncommon to see a black man step off the sidewalk to let a white man walk by, or to see a black man sitting in a different section on the bus or train. However, superiority complex of races is still occurring. It has taken a metaphysical approach rather than the physical. It boils down to the sheer ignorance of others that has been passed down from generation to generation, learned in and out of school, and passed along through entertainment. It is accurate to say that racism is a trait that is learned through life. Our society has improved tremendously through cultural awareness; however, it is…show more content…
Once by walking at night, a white woman saw him, or at least saw his skin color and grew so afraid that she crossed the street to get away from him. Another time, was when he went into a jewelry store and instead of the lady helping him, she fetched a guard dog and refused to service him. He looked at himself and questioned if he can make himself look less threatening, although that should not be something one should have to do. Especially if there was no threat to pose. The ignorance of the nation was written on these two ladies faces. A man that they had never encountered before, who had never hurt them or attempted to, is frightening to them because he is black. These are two examples of humans finding an excuse to distrust one
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