Racism : The Main Causes Of Police Brutality

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Police brutality has been an issue for many decades and still is a concern that people have. Officers shouldn’t even think about using that type of violence around people unless it is absolutely necessary. Police brutality has even come to a point of death. According to Encyclopedia.com, police brutality is “the use of any force exceeding that reasonably necessary to accomplish a lawful police purpose”. In other words, police brutality is when an officer takes advantage of their power.
Racism is one of the main points that police brutality is involved. Most reports of police brutality deal with racism. Over more than five centuries, different people have suffered from violence by these officers. Police use deadly “forces” and that can
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What “problem” officers are is officers who either have a record of being abusive or have many records of complaints from the public. These type of officers should be receiving special monitoring, training, and counseling in order to prevent that they will not be involved in any other future incident of misconduct and brutality. Many people disagree on whether or not officers should be given that “second chance” because of their crimes. This is a debate going on for officers who have used unnecessary violence against people and people are wondering if they should be getting any special treatments. Some believe that they shouldn’t be working for the government anymore because it is not fair for them to commit a crime and not have a harsh punishment.
Police are legally allowed to use physical or even deadly forces for very dangerous individuals when it is necessary only. If an officer is to use their force when it is not called, it can be considered as police brutality. Another form of police brutality is when an officer uses their forces more than they need to in a situation (nolo,2017). These are the two biggest ways that basically define police brutality. Police officers are expected to serve and protect the citizens but some of these officers might take things too far where they don’t know when to stop. This can lead into serious issues. According to nolo.com, “In November 2013, police officers in Tullytown,

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