Racism : The Way We Handle Racism

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I think the way we handle racism in our country could be a lot better especially when it comes to police brutality. Racism in general is still very evident in America unfortunately.
“Our society suffers because of racism in many ways. First we limit our knowledge of other cultures. Instead of being ignorant we could actually learn about another culture first hand through someone of that culture. Also we are limiting our life long experiences with people different from ourselves. “(Indiana Purdue) . Our society is very ethnocentric , wherein some people believe that their culture is superior to the other. If you feel like your culture is better than the other your not going to want to learn about it and open your eyes and get to know the other ones. This is where racism kind of comes in to play if we really link it and compare it to ethnocentrism it is about the same thing It is said that African Americans are discriminated against the most because of the stereotype that follows them ,which is that they are trouble makers and aren’t as smart as other races .This leaves them at a disadvantage because of this negative type of stereotype that follows them. This stereotype dates back to colonialism, slavery , and the Jim Crow laws . African Americans deal with pathological stereotypes which are ideas about groups of people that exist to explain and justify inequalities. Throughout the greater half of the twentieth century, African Americans were stereotyped as dirty and…
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