Racism Through the Decades

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Should The adventures of Huckleberry Finn be banned from schools? In the past century many people have argued whether it should or shouldn’t be. In many perspectives, this book taught people what it was like back then and how it used to be in 1884. Others believe that, the book was full of racial slurs and was just racist in general. The controversy between both sides of this book has had tremendous opinions spoken and has really changed others mind about it but if you really decypher the book it isn’t as racist as people would like to believe. It shouldn’t be banned from schools because students shouldn’t be censored in what they read, especially if it been classified as literature. Stories like this help students realize what it was like for colored people back then and help justify their understanding of racism in the south. Just because the book has some vulgar language in it, doesn’t mean the children should be censored by it. Theres a good chance that they are hearing worse just from their peers, at least when they read stories like “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain, they are learning actual history and making connections on how it used to be. If you were to wipe out this book from schools, it would be taking away the opportunity to learn about what Twain teaches in his books like attitudes in the south, new perspectives, and examples of satire. Twain was a very ingenuity author, which is the precise reason that his works should be taught in
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