Racism Towards Immigrants Essay

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In 2010, 171,000 migrants came to Australia in search of a happy, conflict-free life. Although Australians are proud to say that our nation is multicultural and free of prejudice, the reality is that racism towards immigrants is still prevalent. In recent years Australia has been at the centre of several racial controversies including the Cronulla riots, the Indian student bashings and the relocation of asylum seekers to Malaysia. Such events as these are making potential immigrants unsure as to whether Australia is in fact the multicultural haven we preach it to be. In Victoria alone, the migration numbers have fallen by 37% with the violence against Indians considered a major factor. For several years prior to the Indian student attacks,…show more content…
The third phase of the Social identity theory is comparison. This involves comparing the in-groups that you are a part of with out-groups in order to raise self-esteem (Burke, Stets,2000). Social groups naturally strive to be positively differentiated from other groups (Mummenfey, Kessler, Link, Mielke, 1999). In order to achieve this positive differentiation and boost in self- esteem, the in-group and out-group are judged on factors that represent the in-group to be superior to the out-group (Burke, Stets,2000). To enhance the position and status of the in-group, discrimination and prejudice will be shown towards the out-group. Through the stages of categorisation, identification and comparison, it is clear to see how Social Identity Theory can be related to the racism is shown towards immigrants in Australia. It is highly logical that immigrants will be identified into different social groups based on categories such as race, language, culture and customs. In an attempt to enhance their own in-group and raise self-esteem, the differences between the immigrants social group and the other social groups are accentuated and are ultimately evaluated in a way that makes the immigrant social group appear inferior. To further enhance the in-groups’ status, discrimination and prejudice is directed at immigrants, hence widening the gap between the inferiority of
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