Racism, Violence, And Violence

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Racism has been relevant in our country for several decades, and it is still one of the largest issues within our country. With us watching and hearing about racism within the news almost everyday, it is becoming something we just expect to see and hear about. Racism has ruined many people 's lives, which causes the victims to want to express their feelings in a way that gains the attention of others. The main ways that racism is relevant within our everyday lives is within sports, music, news, and communication/actions with others. Sports should be activities that bring everyone together, causing everyone to forget about the bad things in the world. Within the past years there has been several notable racist actions involving sports,…show more content…
Whitlock returned to his apartment to find “KKK,” “Go Back To Africa,” swastikas, and more spread out on his walls. Whitlock disappointingly responds, “Oppression, violence, racism, hatred, violence - there 's no need for that" (Whitlock, 2016). Racism should have no presence at sporting events, and relation to athletes, it should be enjoyable memories for people to experience and remember. Hip-Hop is currently the most popular genre of music in the United States, and with that rappers have a large audience to express their views on racism. Some of the biggest names today (Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Kanye West, Logic, and more) have created some of the most memorable songs/albums of our generation, by incorporating a graphic storyline into their music. Kendrick Lamar is debatably the best rapper our generation, which comes from his countless hit songs involving social issues, specifically racism. Lamar’s third studio album, To Pimp A Butterfly, was nominated for 11 Grammy’s in 2015, which was made-up of 16 songs explaining his view on racism on the African American race. Lamar raps, “If the government want me dead, plant cocaine in my car // Would you judge me a drug-head or see me as K. Lamar? // Or question my character and degrade me on every blog?” (Kendrick Lamar, Mortal Man). Lamar is discussing that since he is from Compton, he believes that “White America” assumes
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